Training The Next Generation of top-tier Software Engineers

A private graduate school located in the heart of Mérida, México, the Instituto Tecnológico Ksquare (ITK) will transform you into a skilled software engineer with a promising career path.

High-Level Training

Real-World Experience

Potential Long-term Job Offer

Software Engineering is one of the most in-demand careers

With our program, you will not only learn the technical skills of software engineering, but you will also gain problem-solving skills with a creative mindset to become a proficient developer able to solve complex business applications. Plus, you will have an opportunity to land a job with The Ksquare Group.​

If you want to increase your development skills and jumpstart your career, you need to get the best training!​

That’s why we offer you a chance to:​

Learn from​ top-tier talent​

Accredited and seasoned experts drive and deploy the training. ​

Gain a Competitive Advantage​

Get trained and mentored while working in a real-world experience.​

Land a Job

Potentially secure a job with The Ksquare Group​

Getting the right training will give you the experience and knowledge you need to land a fulfilling job.

We know that finding the right training program is important to your career. ​

Listen to what students have to say about our program:

At ITK I found great support to achieve my goals and grow within the IT industry. Our mentors were always there to help us expand our knowledge.

-Verónica Bautista

Being a part of the Ksquare Institute of Technology (ITK) gave me the opportunity to specialize in areas that the software industry needs today. I am extremely grateful to ITK for helping me achieve my dream of working as a software developer.

-Luis Cámara

ITK was the perfect choice for me, to gain experience while learning, for me it’s very important to be surrounded by people who I can always learn something new, and here in Ksquare, everyone is in that disposition.

-Andrés Contreras

Your ITK Growth Path

Step 1

Fill out the application. Scholarships Available!

Step 2

Pass the interview process and begin your training.

Step 3

Gain real-world experience and take your skills to the next level!

Located in the Heart of Merida

Work & Play in one of the best up and coming cities in Mexico