Software Engineering Certification Course

Programa Dual

If you are a programmer or aspire to become one, ITK’s certificate course will transform each student into a software engineer ready to deploy a career in tech.  

Programa Dual/Doble Beneficio = Beca Contrato de 2 años en una empresa internacional.

Acerca del programa:

In this sponsored accelerated training, built and taught by industry professionals, the students will learn the coding skills needed to reinvigorate their professional future. From learning how to operate new tools, languages, and technologies to immersing in business and English classes, all graduates will be ready for client-facing roles after 6 months of training.  

Académicamente promovemos:

  • Potenciar el conocimiento y la experiencia
  • Asignación de proyectos atractivos
  • Presentación a nivel empresarial
  • Retos de codificación
  • Habilidades blandas

Diferenciadores de nuestra Academia:

  • Patrocinamos el talento brillante: All students accepted to this certificate course will have a 100% scholarship and monthly financial support to pursue this program. 
  • Seguridad laboral: With the course results and your performance in a final interview, students can become Software Engineer I at the Ksquare Group by the mid-part of the program. 
  • Career path Certificate: Each student concluding this training program and getting a position at the Ksquare Group will receive sponsorship to certificate in the career path or technology background selected. 
  • Accelerated dual-degree program: To exceed academic results, we propose a dual program where students receive an academic curriculum plus access to in-house projects and personalized mentorship from seasoned engineers from the Ksquare Group. This modality will expand their learning through experience, shadowing, and on-demand support. 
  • Building technical and corporate skills: The modality of this specialization not only offers the technical side of training but extends to include a business and soft skills curriculum demanded in the ever-changing field of tech. We will enhance problem-solving skills and set a creative mindset to uncover proficient developers ready to solve complex business applications. 
  • Promoting English proficiency: Language plays a crucial role in teams and to thrive with clients. We focus on supporting all students to develop advanced English-speaking skills and literacy. 
  • Mentor program:  All students will be accompanied by an expert mentor throughout the entire program, to solve questions and receive technical and professional tips.   

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