Road to Graduation (Certificate Course)



Design and Development of Technological Solutions

Executive Soft Skills Development

Business Strategies for Development

English course (Complimentary)


At the end of Q1 (week 14 to 16th), the student will have the interview stage with Leads of the Ksquare Group.

From the results, it will be decided if the student will stay or off-board the program.

These results are based on a rubric that is shared with the students prior to the interview.


No Courses


Starting Q2, students accepted will initiate the Ksquare Group project stage.

Each career path will have a project with its own scope and requirements.

All projects must conclude prior to month 6.

Some career paths might be requested to approve a certification.

At the start of month seven, students approving all stages will onboard the Ksquare Group as Software Engineers l.