All the ITK students pursue their studies through The Ksquare Group sponsorship initiative. This scholarship offers a $291,400 mxn credit that includes:

• Enrollment costs
• Tuition costs
• Monthly net support to the student of $10,000 mxn
• Graduation and Degree costs
• Administrative costs

The student pays this credit by committing to a tenure of 30 months in the company through the 6+24 Model. Dedicating six months as an ITK student, moving forward to 24-months as a Software Engineer at The Ksquare Group (if accepted to the company).

When joining the Ksquare Group, the collaborator will get an Engineer I position, a salary raise, and benefits above the law.

Promotions during the 24 stage can happen depending on results, opportunities, and clients.

We hope all tenures last longer than the 6+24 Model. Opportunities at the Ksquare Group are always available!


Participate in all the stages of the admission process (information on next page).

Obtain one of the spots available in the ranking of the career path selected.

For scholarship acceptance, a signature of the agreement will take place by the student as a grantee and The Ksquare Group as the grantor.

Maintain an average of 85% and an assistance rate of 90% per partial.

Commit to the 30-month tenure this scholarship requires (6+24 model).